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Newborn Dual Thrust with Duracore Technology Promo

Newborn Dual Thrust With Duracore Technology


  • Works with all materials, in all climates & all bead sizes
  • 12:1 to 24:1 Thrust Ratio
  • Easily switch from 12:1 to 24:1 with the twist of a button
  • Color: Purple
  • 360-DT - 10 oz Cartridge
  • 720AL-DT - 20 oz Sausage

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Until July 31, 2023 - Buy the new 720AL-DT at the same price as the Model 620AL. Buy the new 360-DT at the same price as the Model 250.

Newborn Dual Thrust Promotional Pricing


The power of the drive mechanism. For example, a 6:1 thrust ratio means for every 1 lb of force generated on the trigger, there are 6 lbs of force pushing to extrude the material. Furthermore, 2 lbs of force on the trigger yields 12 lbs of force pushing to extrude the material, 3 lbs on the trigger yields 18 lbs extruding the material, and so on. As the thrust ratio increases, the amount of material extruded with each trigger squeeze decreases.

Newborn Guns Dual Thrust Ratio Graph

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