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LTL Carriers Experiencing Delays


Dear Valued Customers:

We hope you, your families and workers are safe.  The times are certainly

challenging.   Thankfully, our industry is considered “essential” and, in the midst of a global pandemic, sales demand is strong- Thank you for that.

Please be advised that our industry is currently experiencing a high degree of unreliability regarding our LTL carriers’ ability to stick to scheduled lead times and promised delivery dates.

This unreliability is also affecting our suppliers and their ability to get critical raw materials.  Lead times from some of our suppliers have increased due to these delays.

 This is not isolated to any one carrier or materials shipping from any one supplier or geographic zone.

We recommend you avoid firmly scheduling critical work timelines around material ETA’s without considering some variance for the probability that materials will not ship within normal lead times or to estimated promise dates.

 We provide the ETA’s that our suppliers give us.   Many times, we are doing extra diligence in contacting our suppliers directly regarding specific shipments and their ship dates. Even then, what we are experiencing is that many orders are not being delivered on time. This is out of our direct control and often out of our suppliers’ control, as well.

We will continue to strive to fulfill expectations of materials delivered “on time”. Smalley’s delivery services are keeping up with demand and we pride ourselves on being able to make many adjustments to accommodate your needs. However, please be aware that Over-the-road freight is not operating as normal. We felt it critical to advise you of this, to enable you to plan accordingly and to make any necessary adjustments.

Best Regards, Smalley & Company

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