New West Albuquerque Location
Smalley & Company Moving to New West Albuquerque Location
By: Smalley & Company / September 20, 2017

Albuquerque, NM: Smalley & Company, a specialty construction distributor, recently announced a move to a new west Albuquerque location. The new location, open October 16th, 2017, will have more space for inventory and be easily accessible to the company’s large customer base in the west Albuquerque region. Since 1970, Smalley & Company has had an established presence in New Mexico, and the new location will continue to build upon the strong foundation of exceptional customer relationships and top-notch service offered since the beginning.

Joe Coy, Smalley & Company Region Director stated, “Increasing our warehouse capacity by moving to a larger facility allows us to meet contractor demand for local inventory and be the preferred supplier of specialty construction products in the Albuquerque metro area. We are certainly investing in our customer’s success, and fulfilling Smalley & Company’s mission to be our customer’s vital link in the supply chain.”

The west Albuquerque location is conveniently located off of Interstate 40, slightly west of the Coors Boulevard NW intersection. The new location’s address is:

531 Gallatin Place NW
Suite C
Albuquerque, NM 87121

Phone Numbers
Main: 505-797-7222
Fax: 505-797-7171
Toll free: 800-464-6553

2017 is a momentous year for Smalley & Company; it’s the 50th year that the Company has been in business, and the first year in Company history that it is entirely employee owned. Besides moving to a larger location in Albuquerque, the Company is continuing to invest in their customer’s success across all locations, including opening a new north Denver location that will improve customer accessibility to the products, pricing, and services they can trust.


About Smalley & Company: Smalley & Company is an industry leading specialty construction distributor with 10 strategic locations across Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. Distribution offerings include a full line of sealants, waterproofing, wall systems, fire protection and concrete restoration products. Smalley & Company is one of the largest distributors of their kind in the United States.

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