Pac Poly Elastodeck 5001 Non Gassing Coating
A liquid-applied, single component, aromatic, moisture-cured polyurethane waterproofing membrane, which will not blister or gas. It may be used to waterproof concrete and plywood decks which are subsequently covered with outdoor carpeting, mortar bed and tile, or wood decking. The product is recommended for all applications which require surface waterproofing, where a bitumen extended polyurethane would not be suitable. It is also designed as a high performance elastomeric covering over spray applied, polyurethane foam roofs. Available in special thixotropic consistency for use over irregular surfaces such as foam roofs. It must be coated with Elastoglaze 6001 AL if it is used over foam insulated roofs. This material is part of the following systems:
Elasto-deck 5000 For waterproofing parking decks, walking & roof decks, balconies, plazas, etc. Anti-skid textured finish. Designed for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
Elasto-deck 5000 MR Provides a waterproof, elastomeric, traffic bearing deck coating for mechanical equipment room floors.
Elasto-deck 5000 TC For waterproofing parking decks, roofs, stadium floors, etc. Designed for vehicular traffic. Anti-skid textured finish.
Elasto-deck 5000 WDA For waterproofing walking decks, balconies, plazas, etc. Designed for foot traffic. Skid-resistant, textured finish.
Elasto-deck 5000 X2 For waterproofing patios, sundecks, stairways, balconies, roofs, etc. Suitable for exterior as well as interior.
PAC 5001A Pac Poly Elastodeck 5001 Ng & Ht Accelerator Quart Can
PAC 5001NG TN5 Pac Poly Elastodeck 5001 Non Gassing 5 Gail Pail Tan    
PAC 5001NG CG5 Pac Poly Elastodeck 5001 Non Gassing 5 Gal Pl Concrete Gray    
PAC PGM4 Pac Poly Perma Glas Mesh 4" X 180' Roll  
PAC 4TT Pac Poly Tietex Reinforcing Tape 4" X 300' 8/cs

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