Sikawrap Structural Strengthening System
A carbon fiber and E-glass reinforcement system used to extend the life of concrete structures. CFRP technology provides solutions for strengthening beams, slabs, walls, columns, chimneys, silos, tunnels, tanks and other structural elements that are subject to deterioration, additional service loads or excessive deflection created by change in use, construction or design defects, code changes or seismic retrofit. The systems consists of Sika Strengthening Fibers, SikaWrap Fabrics and Sikadur Resins.
With the large SikaWrap fabric range, the designer can select the most appropriate fabric type and the best suited fiber for the structural needs. In addition long-term and environmental conditions have to be taken into account during this process. Please contact a local Smalley & Company representative for assistance with this system and application. 
SIC 347-04 Sikadur 300 Impregnating Epoxy For Sikawrap Fabric 4 Gal Kit     
SIC 333-03N Sikadur 330 Saturating Epoxy For Sikawrap 230c/430g 3 Gl Kt     
SIC 107673 Sikadur Hex 300 Saturating Epoxy Resin 4 Gal Unit     
SIC FX50C Sikawrap Fx50c Anchors 82'/ctn
SIC 0332-15F Sikawrap Hex 100g 50" X 150' Unidirectional E-glass Fiber    
SIC 0332-30F Sikawrap Hex 100g 50" X 30' Unidirectional E-glass Fiber    
SIC 0332-30C Sikawrap Hex 103c 25" X 300' Unidirectional Carbon Fiber    
SIC 0332-50C Sikawrap Hex 103c 25" X 50' Unidirectional Carbon Fiber    
SIC H371-06B Sikawrap Hex 106g 50" X 450' Bi-directional Carbon Fiber    
SIC H351-13B Sikawrap Hex 113c 50" X 300' Bi-directional Carbon Fiber    
SIC H3C1-171 Sikawrap Hex 117c 12" X 300' Unidirectional Carbon Fiber    
SIC 107715 Sikawrap Hex 117c 24" X 300' Unidirectional Carbon Fiber    
SIC H332-30A Sikawrap Hex 230c 12" X 150' Unidirectional Carbon Fiber    
SIC H342-30A Sikawrap Hex 230c 24" X 150' Unidirectional Carbon Fiber    
SIC H43G-24C Sikawrap Hex 430g 24" X 150' Unidirectional Glass Fiber    

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