Itp Tundra Foam Backer Rod Open Cell
A fabricated round, open cell, black polyurethane foam material. It is basically an inert material and therefore compatible both physically and chemically with virtually all known hot pour and cold applied sealants including silicone and rubber asphalt. Commonly used in expansion and contraction joints, window glazing, curtain wall construction partitions, precast assemblies and copings, parking decks, bridge construction etc. An ideal non-gassing backup material which is inserted into construction and pavement joints to:
  • Control sealant and caulking depth.
  • Create a backstop to allow proper sealant tooling and configuration.
  • Allow proper sealant airing and yield a proper bond breaker.
TFA 112B Tundra Foam 1-1/2" Open Cell Backer Rod 175'/ Bag    
TFA 118B Tundra Foam 1-1/8" Open Cell Backer Rod 300'/ Bag    
TFA 2B Tundra Foam 2" Open Cell Backer Rod 100'/ Bag    
TFA 38B Tundra Foam 3/8" Open Cell Backer Rod 750'/ Bag    
TFA 58B Tundra Foam 5/8" Open Cell Backer Rod 500'/ Bag    
TFA 78B Tundra Foam 7/8" Open Cell Backer Rod 525'/ Bag    

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