By: Smalley & Company / August 11, 2019
Construction crews are constantly on a time crunch and at the mercy of funding, the weather, and other miscellaneous delays. Additionally, a major challenge many contractors and construction crews have to deal with is protecting delicate… Read More
Watson Bowman Acme has been designing expansion joints since the industry’s conception in the 1950s. Our commitment to quality, service, and reliability, makes us an industry leader, offering world-class solutions for world-class projects. Our top industry… Read More
Customers can continue to rely on the same trusted silicone technologies Trusted Dow Corning® brand silicone building and construction products will soon be available as the new DOWSIL™ brand, bringing a new name and a new world… Read More
By: Smalley & Company / September 20, 2017
Denver, CO: Smalley & Company, a specialty construction distributor, recently announced they are opening a new north Denver location in October 2017. The new location, open October 16th, 2017, will enhance services offered and provide easy… Read More
By: Smalley & Company / September 20, 2017
Albuquerque, NM: Smalley & Company, a specialty construction distributor, recently announced a move to a new west Albuquerque location. The new location, open October 16th, 2017, will have more space for inventory and be easily accessible… Read More
Offering architects and design professionals efficiency at every level by integrating thermal, air, and water barriers into one system, the THERMAX™ Wall System from Dow helps make the commercial construction business even more profitable. Dow’s complete… Read More
By: Smalley & Company / June 8, 2016
The Dow Chemical Company today announced the successful completion of the transaction with Corning, Inc. to restructure ownership of Dow Corning, making Dow the 100 percent owner of Dow Corning’s silicones business. On this historic day,… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / September 26, 2015
Keeping a project on-track is a significant challenge that all contractors face. However, there a number of things you can implement into your daily on-site processes that will increase efficiencies and help meet major project milestones.… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / September 18, 2015
There are many factors that must be considered when determining what products are going to be utilized on a project. However, most of this consideration for contractors goes into choosing what building materials you are going… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / September 10, 2015
Every 2-7 years, El Niño disturbs the global climate. For reasons only partially understood, warmer than normal ocean water rises to the surface of the Pacific Ocean, West of South America. El Niño is predicted to… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / September 2, 2015
As of late it appears that 3D printing is taking construction by storm and changing the industry as we know it. 3D printing is the creation of a 3D object from a digital file. So, what… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / August 27, 2015
The United States glass supplier industry generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. That is not to say that being a successful glass supplier is an easy feat. The glass industry faces a number of… Read More
One of the best products for weatherproofing is Dow Corning® Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant. Dow Corning® is a silicone company that designs products from aviation to construction to oil and gas. Their silicone-based products are popular amongst… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / July 28, 2015
Choosing the right specialty construction distributor isn’t an easy task to come by. Working with an inadequate company can lead to poor quality products, limited product offerings and unsatisfied customers. But once you find the right… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / July 20, 2015
When it comes to waterproofing, few people can be considered experts. The proper knowledge of which products to use combined with the understanding of when to use a certain product, is a feat that few have… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / July 10, 2015
Here at Smalley & Company we strongly value customer relationships. Our customers have voiced their previous online experience with us and as a result, we’re proud and excited to announce we’ve just launched a brand new… Read More
The only water-based silicone air barrier complemented by a fully compatible system. Provide air and water protection for more energy-efficient buildings. The Dow Corning Silicone Air Barrier System is a suite of fully compatible high-performance silicone… Read More
For example a DL-59-T13E with a 2″ barrel can fill a 1/4 inch x 1/8 inch joint the length of a football field in less than 2 minutes. That’s equivalent to 202 feet per minute. And… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / January 1, 2015
Smalley & Company is stocking 2 sizes of 16# grit ZEC discs – 4-1/2″ x 7/8″ and 7″ x 7/8″. Click here for a brochure!! Features: Silicon carbide grain type – very aggressive. Does not require any… Read More
BASF has created a mobile apps: Android phones – iPhone/iPad: Windows: BlackBerry: On your computer, you can use the web-based version: Product formulations WILL NOT change. Product packaging will change to… Read More
Dow Corning 121 Structural Glazing Sealant – enjoy the benefits of in-shop applied structural silicone sealants, now in the field! Dow Corning is excited to introduce the Dow Corning® 121 Structural Glazing Sealant, a new neutral-cure,… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / December 8, 2014
Dow Corning has created an online service for glazing contractors needing print reviews, sample tests and warranties. The first of its kind, COOL (COnstruction OnLine) is an innovative Web-based system. You can do some very cool… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / December 8, 2014
Launched in October 2009, this exciting program offered by Dow Corning makes it fast, exact and easy to get the sealant color you want, when you want it! The Color It Right program offers two color… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / December 8, 2014
ENERSHIELD-HP and ENERSHIELD-I are water-based, single component, fluid-applied air/water-resistive barriers designed for use with most substrates and cladding systems. They can be applied with spray equipment, rollers or paint brushes. Enershield products offer high coverage rates,… Read More
By: Allen Anderson / December 8, 2014
Smalley & Company is stocking over 50 new SKUs of Midwest Rake products in all of our locations. Spiked Shoes: 3 different types and one of which is the new “slip on” shoe Roller covers: 4… Read More