How to Increase Efficiency in Your Construction Projects
By: Allen Anderson / September 26, 2015

Keeping a project on-track is a significant challenge that all contractors face. However, there a number of things you can implement into your daily on-site processes that will increase efficiencies and help meet major project milestones. Take these 4 items into account when tackling your next job.

Proper Planning

As with all types of projects, planning is an essential foundational element to success. There is no exception when it comes to construction projects. There are countless factors that go into a project, and effective and efficient planning allows you to maximize productivity. The lack of a plan from initial inception can result in unmanageable chaos, wasted materials, and excessive rework, ultimately leading to negative profits.

Here are a few questions to keep in mind that will help you lucratively craft a foolproof plan:
• What is the end goal?
• What are the processes we will use to achieve our goal?
• Who will tackle each step of the project?
• Do we have the necessary machinery, tools and materials?
• Do we have the correct amounts of machinery, tools and materials?
• What is the project timeline?

Material Availability

Without the proper materials, tools and machinery for a job, you have nothing to work with. There are a countless number of materials that go into a single project, making it critical to outline what materials the project requires, as well as the specific amounts of each material you will need before the project starts. Ordering materials online beforehand is an easy way to ensure everything is ready and in stock.

If you lack the necessary tools from the beginning, there will be a lot of wasted time due to finding the right materials at the supplier’s shops, downtime from waiting in long checkout lines, and travel time to and from the job site to restock. All of these scenarios can be avoided with initial planning and preparation.


Housekeeping is an obvious, yet often overlooked item when it comes to construction projects. It is very easy for materials to be misplaced and strewn about, especially by the end of a long day on the job, making the jobsite a complete disaster for getting to work the next morning. Ensuring everything is stored properly at the end of every day helps keep the site clean and orderly. Materials will be in their proper place and all tools will be accounted for, ensuring maximum productivity. Not only does decreasing clutter increase productivity, it also promotes on-site safety, in turn reducing the risk of accidents. It is no secret that construction sites can be hazardous. Taking measures to reduce those risks is paramount.


It is evident that technology is slowly transforming the way every industry operates, and the construction industry is no exception. As of late, contractors have slowly started to incorporate the use of technologies in their every day processes. Between project management apps, online estimator tools and construction management software, the increased efficiencies technologies can provide are significant. These different technologies streamline every process and act as a catalyst to achieving project goals through improved communication, quality and profitability.

At the end of the day, you will only regret not having these processes in place. Proper planning helps increase project efficiencies in every way, from ensuring you have the proper amount of materials, to scheduling labor and equipment, all the way down to the bottom line. Work together as a team to get all your ducks in a row before you hit the ground running.

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