Dow Corning® high-performance silicone building products are now branded DOWSIL™
By: Smalley & Company / February 8, 2018

Customers can continue to rely on the same trusted silicone technologies

Trusted Dow Corning® brand silicone building and construction products will soon be available as the new DOWSIL™ brand, bringing a new name and a new world of possibility.

The DOWSIL™ product brand name represents the combined power of Dow and Dow Corning and emphasizes longstanding global expertise in silicone technologies across dozens of industries.

Dow Corning revolutionized the way architects and fabricators design and build commercial facades, with 50+ years of proven performance in silicone structural glazing (SSG) and weatherproofing sealants. Contractors, designers and builders can continue to rely on the same trusted silicone chemistries, features and product benefits for their designs under the new DOWSIL™ name.

Customers can continue to acquire trusted silicone materials and customer support from Smalley & Company . Dow Corning’s industry-leading product performance warranty coverage will remain in place, with identical terms.

Through a phased implementation over the next year, Dow Corning® branded silicone building and construction products will move to the new DOWSIL™ name. Product numbers (e.g., “983”) and descriptors (e.g., “Structural Glazing Sealant”) that are part of the product names today will remain the same. Products will be sold through Dow moving forward.

Customers will have access to a new website – which will replace the current platform – that features enhanced search functionality, responsive design for mobile devices, and upgraded customer and technical support capabilities.

In the interim during the transition, a new Integration Information Center is available to customers at The center provides regular updates, integration activity materials, FAQs, and a tool to generate a chemical equivalency certificates for specific products. For information about Dow’s proven high-performance silicone building solutions, visit

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