5 Overlooked Products that will Save a Contractor Time
By: Allen Anderson / September 18, 2015

There are many factors that must be considered when determining what products are going to be utilized on a project. However, most of this consideration for contractors goes into choosing what building materials you are going to use to ensure the “big picture” gets completed. This often leaves contractors without the little, but necessary, tools that will make their job much easier and will ensure that their project is executed on schedule. You don’t want to be in the midst of a project wishing you had been more prepared because you had overlooked these little (but important) items. Here are 5 overlooked products a contractor should utilize to save time on a project:

1. Spiked Shoes

The benefits of spiked shoes are instrumental to a construction project. With spiked shoes designed for walking on and in applied material during the application process, you don’t need to work harder to stay safe, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. A great option is the Midwest Rake Flexible Spiked Shoe. It’s among the “safest” options out there. Due to the unique snap-lock buckle system, you can easily strap them on to existing work boots. Shoes are available with two different lengths of spikes depending on what materials you are working with on the project.

2. Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is another item that can be quite beneficial on a project, but is often overlooked. Not only can stretch wrap save you time, it can prevent some major headaches when transporting materials for your project. Stretch wrap will hold materials tightly together and prevent them from shifting (and damaging) during transport. Therefore, you won’t have to spend as much time rearranging your items during transport or spend extra time later trying to replace damaged materials. It is great for attaching mirror and glass to truck racks, for example. An option to keep in mind is this Gauge Stretch Wrap.

3. Bucket Scraper

A bucket scraper will save you time and money by reducing the hours spent cleaning your construction buckets for future use. It is also an essential tool to have in order to make sure you can utilize every bit of your sealant material. We personally recommend the Albion Bucket Scraper.

4. Follow Plate

A follow plate will save you a significant amount of time when trying to get your material into the barrel of your caulking gun. All you have to do is place the follow plate on top of your bucket, screw the barrel of the caulking gun into the hole, fill the barrel, and then disengage it from the follow plate and reseal your bucket until you need more. Super simple, and zero mess involved. The Albion Follow Plates are a great option for your next caulking project.

5. Shims

Shims are a fantastic tool that can be utilized to ensure the proper spacing and alignment for projects such as window and door installations. They will save you time on your project due to their simplicity, as well as guaranteeing precision without having to spend the extra time usually required by some of the other measurement options out there. We are partial to the Econ-O-Shims because they come in color-coded thicknesses, and are plastic so they will not rust, rot, stain, or leach.

There you have it. These are 5 time-saving products that we find are often overlooked by contractors. Next time you’re preparing for a project, make sure you have the little tools that you’ll need to execute the overall plan. You’ll be pleased with the time you save and the ease these items will bring to your next endeavor.

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