By: Allen Anderson / July 28, 2015

Choosing the right specialty construction distributor isn’t an easy task to come by. Working with an inadequate company can lead to poor quality products, limited product offerings and unsatisfied customers. But once you find the right one, there’s no turning back. A few advantages of using world-class specialty construction distributors include extensive product and industry knowledge, trusted in the marketplace and unparalleled customer service.


The right specialty construction distributors are seasoned industry leaders, giving them an edge with years and years of hands-on experience. They are experts in every single product and product line out there. Whether a legacy product has been overhauled or a new, innovative product has come to market, specialty distributors are the first to know. They also carry a wide range of products from sealants to waterproofing to concrete restoration. It is their job to be industry experts on every product line by forging long-term relationships with trusted and respected suppliers.

Contractors tend to make the common mistake of choosing the first distributor they come across. The major downside of this is, likely, that company will be very unknowledgeable about specific products and the industry as a whole. When it comes to construction products, you need to get your information from the experts. Running the risk of using a wrong or inferior product when it comes to construction can be very harmful. It is extremely beneficial to take the time to seek out an experienced distributor.


As mentioned above, notable specialty construction distributors create long-standing relationships with esteemed industry suppliers. These suppliers produce quality products that are well known among contractors and construction workers alike. They carry the highest quality products that are used in major commercial projects nationwide. You’ll never feel as if you are being sold an inadequate or poor quality product.

The wrong specialty construction distributors sell inferior products from less-known suppliers. They haven’t taken the time to create and sustain lasting relationships with the best in the business. This really compromises product quality and selection.

Customer Focused

Specialty construction distributors focus on customer service above all else. First class customer service is their number one priority. Being the liaison between the supplier and the customer means that they have to have both of their interests in mind. Stocking products locally to provide fast delivery and having a full-time trained staff of salespeople at your disposal around-the-clock. Specialty construction distributors are continuously working on improving processes based on customer feedback.

Having a customer-first business model isn’t cheap. The majority of poor distributors sacrifice superior customer service to save a few dollars. The sales teams aren’t well equipped to answer questions and address concerns. In such a dynamic industry, placing your customers above all else is crucial.

Although there are a number of other advantages when it comes to choosing the right specialty distributor, being knowledgeable, trustworthy and customer-focused are of utmost importance in this industry. Make sure you do all your research in order to find the best fit for you and your customers.

By: Allen Anderson / July 20, 2015

When it comes to waterproofing, few people can be considered experts. The proper knowledge of which products to use combined with the understanding of when to use a certain product, is a feat that few have truly mastered.

Out of sight is NOT out of mind for waterproofing. The entire building, from the foundation to the roof needs to be watertight. As you know, the smallest crack in the exterior or interior of a building can start producing mold or mildew, requiring extensive repairs to fix. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning the waterproofing on your next building.

Exterior Waterproofing

Keeping water out of the exterior of the building is a process that can depend on many variables. Exterior waterproofing  products can be categorized into a few subcategories.

First, fluid applied waterproofing products can be rolled onto a surface to form a thin watertight membrane. These products can be a heated, rubberized membrane that dries quickly, or a cold-applied membrane that can be sprayed on a surface. Regardless of temperature, fluid applied products are directly applied to the concrete or building material, and when dry, create a watertight membrane.

Second,  bentontite waterproofing products are designed to mirror the effects of impermeable soils. These products contain a sodium-bentonite layer surrounded by an interwoven fabric locking the bentonite in place. Certain products are better for inclement weather conditions, while others are good for areas that haven’t been set with concrete foundations, or building materials.

Lastly, crystalline products are designed to fill the holes in cement. This product can be applied as a chemical treatment for concrete, and can even seal small hairline cracks. These products are great for tunnels, manholes, sewage, and water treatment plants.

Exterior Waterproofing: What Could Go Wrong?

If you fail to use adequate waterproofing materials on the outside of your construction project, you could be faced with pooling water in your basement or lower levels,  mold, mildew, and even structural damage.

In addition, it can be very difficult to figure out where the issue is below ground. Because of this, the time costs of making a waterproofing mistake are very expensive. Often, the cost of getting waterproofing wrong the first time can effectively double the original cost.

Interior Waterproofing

There are four kinds of waterproofing products that are commonly used for the interior of a building: cementitious materials, roof waterproofing products, and air and vapor waterproofing products.

The cementitious material is deceiving, in that it isn’t only for cement. They can be applied on cement, metal, masonry, wood, and tile.  These products should be used for restoration and renovation projects.

Next, roof waterproofing  products need to be able to withstand rain, snow, ice, and, they need to have the proper amount of drainage. These products are durable, and are available as rubberized asphalt, and as sheets of underlying bonding material.

Lastly,  air and vapor barriers are above ground wraps that can accomplish the same as liquid based sealant. These products are widely used in both commercial and residential settings, and are easily applied as they adhere to most construction materials. These products are water resistant, vapor permeable air membranes that create a water resistant barrier and air barrier when applied properly. For more information on air and vapor barriers, check out our last post.

Interior Waterproofing: What Could Go Wrong?

This kind of waterproofing is easier to troubleshoot, because it’s inside and much more accessible than exterior waterproofing. These issues are similar to exterior waterproofing issues; mold, mildew, structural damage, and time costs to repair the water damage.

A big difference between interior and exterior waterproofing is that interior waterproofing does not completely stop moisture from permeating the building. This means that your waterproofing products can deteriorate over time and your building will be more susceptible to mold, mildew, corrosion, and even deterioration.

With waterproofing, it is absolutely essential to do it right the first time. Not only will water damage produce unsightly mildew that can make people sick, or water damage that could damage the structural integrity of your building, the cost of redoing your waterproofing can double or triple if you incorrectly apply your products or use the wrong ones. Be sure to pick the right ones by reading the product description carefully, and by talking to the experts at Smalley & Company!

By: Allen Anderson / July 10, 2015

Here at Smalley & Company we strongly value customer relationships. Our customers have voiced their previous online experience with us and as a result, we’re proud and excited to announce we’ve just launched a brand new website. Listening to all of the customer feedback has allowed us to improve the current site features as well as roll out many new features that will make online shopping and ordering with Smalley & Company a lot easier.

Here’s a sneak peek of the 8 brand new website features and how they will benefit you.

View A/R Balance

The new website allows you to view your current and future accounts receivable balances. View balances due within the next 30 days, 60 days, and 60 days and beyond. This new feature helps you easily keep track of what you owe and when.

View Open Orders

You are now able to view all of your open orders. This includes orders that have been processed but have not yet been picked up onsite or shipped. You can view the order number, order date, and the current status of the order.

View Order History

The new order history feature displays all previous orders, the order date, ship date and invoice amount. If you have a question regarding a past order, this is a quick and easy reference point.

View/Print Invoices

Based on feedback, being able to view and print invoices is a critical feature to our customers. This new addition to the customer portal allows you to view every past invoice along with the details.

Reorder from Past Orders

We are aware that many of our frequent customers purchase the same products over and over. Being able to quickly recreate a past order will save you a significant amount of time and simplify the ordering process.

Quick Access to Data Sheets

There is now a product data sheet available for every product on the new website. Easily search alphabetically by supplier and then by product number and/or product description.

New Product Section

Our new product section allows you to see all of the brand new inventory we have in stock.

On Sale Product Section

The on sale product section displays every product that is currently on sale, along with the reduced price.

Not only do the new features significantly simplify the online ordering process, they provide an overall enhanced user experience with a clean, fresh new appearance and a drastically quicker website response time. We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do!