By: Allen Anderson / December 8, 2014

Dow Corning has created an online service for glazing contractors needing print reviews, sample tests and warranties. The first of its kind, COOL (COnstruction OnLine) is an innovative Web-based system. You can do some very cool things with COOL:

  • Request Dow Corning print reviews, sample tests and warranties quickly and easily online
  • Receive real time progress reports
  • Get your recommendation letters and documentation sent directly to you and your partners
  • Ask questions, get answers, and access information critical to the success of your project
  • Watch the COOL intro and tour; registration online

Click here to access COOL now:

By: Allen Anderson / December 8, 2014

Launched in October 2009, this exciting program offered by Dow Corning makes it fast, exact and easy to get the sealant color you want, when you want it! The Color It Right program offers two color options in addition to the standard sealant colors:

  • Catalog colors – With sealants ready to ship in just three business days, colors from the expanded color catalog offer more choices, more quickly.
  • Custom colors – Computer-matched custom sealant colors match your project-specific substrates.

Sealants are supplied in sausage packaging only! Dow Corning 790, 791, 795 and 756 have a two-case minimum. Contractors Concrete & Weatherproofing sealants have a five-case minimum.

Click here for a Color It Right overview. Check out the full sealant color catalog!

You can also visit Dow Corning’s website for more information by clicking here.

By: Allen Anderson / December 8, 2014

ENERSHIELD-HP and ENERSHIELD-I are water-based, single component, fluid-applied air/water-resistive barriers designed for use with most substrates and cladding systems. They can be applied with spray equipment, rollers or paint brushes.

Enershield products offer high coverage rates, and have a low, easily pumpable viscosity. In addition, these products contain abrasive materials. This combination favors use of low-pressure, high-volume spray equipment.

Click on the following link – Spray Application Bulletin – to view spray application techniques, considerations, and limitations.

By: Allen Anderson / December 8, 2014

Smalley & Company is stocking over 50 new SKUs of Midwest Rake products in all of our locations.

  1. Spiked Shoes: 3 different types and one of which is the new “slip on” shoe
  2. Roller covers: 4 different nap sizes
  3. Roller frames: 3 different types
  4. Roller handles
  5. Spiked rollers
  6. Squeegee frames
  7. Squeegee blades: 14 different types based on notched, no-notch and length
  8. Mixing paddles
  9. Mixing barrels
  10. Measuring wheels and brooms

For a complete list of products, click on the Midwest Rake Flyer – Click here for a flyer!